Thought Leader Life 519: Guest Nicole Roberts Jones



Building your billion-dollar brand and creating multiple streams of income through corporate programs. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Nicole Roberts Jones (, the Founder and CEO of NRJ Enterprises. She is also a nationally-recognized transformational speaker, purpose to paycheck expert, and best-selling author of four books, the most recent being, Find Your Fierce.

Nicole is uniquely gifted in drawing out the best in her clients, especially women, and helping them take their brilliance to the bank. She brings with her 27 years of experience in teaching program development at 2 universities (Boston University and University of Southern California) and consulting businesses. She is passionate about helping women build billion-dollar brands and create multiple streams of income by developing corporate programs out of their genius.

If you’ve been a successful female executive, but you’re building somebody else’s billion-dollar brand and you need support to do the same for yourself, reach out to Nicole Roberts Jones by via or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Women who are tired of building somebody else’s billion-dollar brand should reach out to Nicole Roberts Jones. #CorporateProgram @NRobertsJones
  • We come from the industrial age society where our jobs were always to help somebody else make money, not to be successful in terms of what we do. And you know what? Life has changed. #CorporateProgram @NRobertsJones
  • Women are the largest number of entrepreneurs out there. I love seeing women go to the bank, make a deposit, and write their own paycheck. I can help you do that! #CorporateProgram @NRobertsJones
  • I do group coaching with women where we all share. I love working with them because I’m learning equally as much as they are learning from me. #CorporateProgram @NRobertsJones
  • I failed for 17 years in my own business. I was only making $13,000 a year. When my coach told me that I don’t have any programs in my business, that’s when everything changed. #CorporateProgram @NRobertsJones

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