Thought Leader Life 520: Guest Brigette Iarrusso



Create more income and scale your impact in total integrity. This episode features #Expert and #ThoughtLeader Brigette Iarrusso (, CEO, Master Coach and Lead Consultant, Board Member Marketing Chair, Conscious Capitalism, and Steering Committee Member of the Women Entrepreneur’s of Berkeley at Berkeley Chamber of Commerce.

Brigette is passionate about helping conscious CEOs, coaches, consultants, and thought leaders with a serious purpose of generating more revenue in total integrity. She believes in implementing business strategies that put impact before income and service before sales. Her dream clients are leaders who care about equity, inclusion, social impact, sustainability, and a more conscious thriving world for all.

If you’re a conscious coach, consultant, or healer, and somebody you know who’s like that, don’t want to feel like this slimsy salesperson, you might want to reach out to Brigette Iarusso by visiting her website at or going to her profile at

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Conscious coaches, consultants, and healers that want to attract ideal clients with nothing salesy or out of integrity should reach out to Brigette Iarusso.
  • The way I work with my clients is I have a really inclusive, incredible, and collaborative business community. I have a business group program and I do VIP, one-on-one coaching.
  • What I do is I support people in honing their offers, so that it’s crystal clear the problem they solve. They’re compelling around how they position the solution they get for people.
  • I help people create content, signature workshops, talks, and events that bring real impact and transformation and give people the exact experience of what it would be like to work with them so they can serve their way to sales.
  • I guide clients so that they can serve their way to sales without marketing, pushing, or controlling people. That they’re simply creating transformation and impact with total integrity and consent.

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