Thought Leader Life 531: Guest Michael Yinger



Establish an efficient organization and partnership and drive positive results with Global Talent Acquisition. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Michael Yinger (, Senior Executive, Global Leadership, Principal, Customer Solutions, INC, and Global Growth and Strategy Leader and Executive Vice President at PeopleScout.

Michael is passionate about global leadership, talent acquisition, business operations and strategic transformation. As a seasoned senior executive, he has years of experience in creating, building, and managing organizations and providing strategic advice via Board of Directors membership both in the US and internationally. His track record includes delivering positive results with a sales growth of 10-20% in a down market, dealing with senior level clients, and establishing efficient organizations and partnerships in a number of different industries.

If you’re in the talent acquisition space, or have somebody in that industry, and you want to know whether or not your product, approach or methodology would make sense post-COVID, you might want to reach out to Michael Yinger by visiting his website at or going to his profile at

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Leaders struggling with their talent acquisition products should reach out to Michael Yinger.
  • Most of my clients were pulled back from where they were. How is it going to work for them in a post-COVID world? Are they going to have a lot more virtual work? There are solutions to answer these with experts in the industry!
  • What I’ve done lately is look at a particular product offering or maybe even a specific deal that they’re considering and through some Q&A inquiry, have them think about how they might be positioning it.
  • What does the market look like? What kind of things should they be focusing on as they’re considering what is this that’s going to work in a post-COVID world? Address these questions with right consultation!
  • I’ve been in the talent acquisition industry for 17 years. And so, I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of clients, both from a delivery perspective servicing clients to a sales perspective.

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