Thought Leader Life 534: Guest Jo Moffatt



Bring to bear brands into building employee engagement. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Jo Moffatt (, an employee engagement consultant and brand consultant. Jo is the founder and managing director of Woodreed. She is also the strategy director and radio show host of Engage for Success.

She is an internal comms expert, employer brand consultant, and speaker as well. She carries extensive experience as a non-executive director and as an account director under her belt.

If you are an organization that yearns for highly engaged, highly productive, and happy employees, you should reach out to Jo Moffatt by logging on to and and by dropping her an e-mail through

Here are several AHA messages from this episode:

  • Organizations who need to better engage their employees and their people should reach out to Jo Moffatt. #Engagement @TunWellsWoodies
  • As a specialist agency, we have worked for a whole gamut of organizations, from global PLCs to the public sector, to not for profits and charities for over 20 years now… And we’ve covered off pretty well every sector there is! #Engagement @TunWellsWoodies
  • We deploy the creativity and rigor of the advertising world. We all engage with brands on an emotional level. That’s the power that brands have. An emotional #Engagement is four times more powerful at driving behavior than the rational. @TunWellsWoodies
  • We use brands as the catalyst to really drive #Engagement involving leaders, developing strategic narratives, supporting line managers, listening to employee voice, as well as creating reward and recognition programs. @TunWellsWoodies
  • We always try to build a legacy so we don’t just go in and run a program or implement a piece of work. So, we leave an organization and its key people within that organization better fitted to maintain the momentum of what it is. #Engagement @TunWellsWoodies

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