Thought Leader Life 535: Guest David Fradin



Drive faster market success through product value proposition and market strategy. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert David Fradin (, product success manager, distinguished professor, author, and President of Spice Catalyst. His online courses and in-person boot camps cover the complete product management life cycle starting with the founding values, vision, product life cycle and management employed by Apple today.

David is classically trained as an HP Product Manager and later recruited by Apple to bring the first hard disk drive on a PC to market. He now helps accelerate and sustain business growth by aligning strategy, people, processes and systems to enable continuous learning, innovation, and total customer driven products and customer engagement.

To learn more about building insanely great products and increasing chances of product success, visit David Fradin’s websites and

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Organizations that have products that fail in the marketplace should reach out to David Fradin.
  • Before product development, and launch and marketing planning begins, I can mentor you how to increase your competency with agile principles and methodologies in your product marketing strategy. #ProductSuccess
  • About 40% of all products that are introduced each year fail which means trillions of dollars in resources wasted. I can show you how a clear understanding of what people and organizations do makes a difference. #ProductSuccess @DavidFradin1
  • My role is to help you accelerate and sustain new business growth by aligning strategy, people, process and systems out of the products that you’re putting out in the market. #ProductSuccess
  • Some amazing products are technically more efficient than others. Sometimes, you need good marketing. I can help you plan and manage a compelling product beyond technology with a proven #ProductSuccess framework. @DavidFradin1

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