Thought Leader Life 550: Guest Brandon Dawson



Grow your business and maintain your core values and family life by leaning in to your team’s passion and aligning it to the business. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Brandon Dawson (, the Co-Founder, CEO, and Managing Partner of Cardone Ventures. He is also a serial entrepreneur, business strategist, and author.

Brandon is a respected and sought-after lecturer and CEO advisor on entrepreneurship, leadership, and business-building strategies. He provides mastermind coaching and partnership programs for business owners who are looking to scale their business without compromising their core values and family life. He is focused on helping business owners and entrepreneurs maximize their value and quality of life through the attainment of personal, professional, and financial goals.

If you want to #GrowYourBusiness but you’re struggling with doing that while maintaining your #CoreValues and family life at the same time, reach out to Brandon Dawson and Cardone Ventures via or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Business owners who struggle with growth while maintaining value within their business and the quality of life that they’d like to have should reach out to Brandon Dawson. #GrowYourBusiness #CoreValues @BrandonMDawson
  • The constant problem that people are talking about is serving their shareholders while at the same time serving their families. And, most of the time, the family side loses. That’s where we come in and help. #CoreValues @BrandonMDawson
  • We help align the technical aspect of growth for the business owners and their team members in order to impact the relevant things that they can control. #GrowYourBusiness #CoreValues @BrandonMDawson
  • Our mastermind coaching programs and partnership programs can help you grow and scale your business while maximizing the profitability and overall value. #GrowYourBusiness #CoreValues @BrandonMDawson
  • Having acquired and managed hundreds of companies and generated millions of revenue gives me the credibility to help business owners scale up their business while maintaining their #CoreValues and family life at the same time. @BrandonMDawson

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