Thought Leader Life 565: Guest Jim Britt



Achieve personal, financial or personal success by removing negative mental blocks. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Jim Britt (, author, coach, keynote speaker, trainer, and CEO of Jim Britt, International, Inc.

Recently, Jim was named as one of the world’s top 20 success coaches, the top 50 speakers word-wide and presented with the “Best of the Best” award out of the top 100 contributors of all time to the Direct Selling industry. He is passionate about leveraging his skills and experiences to be an expert in peak performance, entrepreneurship, and personal empowerment to produce stellar results. He also works with small business entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking to remove the blocks that stop their success in any area of their life.

If you are, or you know somebody who has a negative mental block, you should consider reaching out to Jim Britt by going to his profile at or visiting his website at

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Individuals with negative mental blocks should reach out to Jim Britt.
  • Everybody’s got mental blocks. I got mental blocks, you got mental blocks. We all have them in certain areas of our lives. It just depends on the person and their past experiences.
  • I contemplated the habit patterns we have as human beings and the positive ones that would become second nature to us like walking, talking and driving. They’re like a self-imposed prison in a way. We’re trapped in.
  • We have these habit patterns that have been developed over our lifetime. Their core programs are in our subconscious that overrides the positive ones that we want to start doing. Are you aware of yours? You should be!
  • I share my credibility with the events that I do, through coaching, working with people one-on-one, course and my writings.

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