Thought Leader Life 576: Guest RJ Nicolosi



Drive growth through business model innovation, technology and people. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert RJ Nicolosi (, an entrepreneur, CEO and CEO coach. He works with companies to drive growth through business model innovation, technology and people.

RJ Nicolosi is the chairman and founder of Catapult Leadership Lab and the chief digital officer of RevLocal. He helps companies to achieve sustainable double-digit growth.

If you are a CEO of a high-growth company, and you recognize that all the answers are not found within the confines of your company, it is best to reach out to RJ Nicolosi on or via

Here are several AHA messages from this episode:

  • High-growth leaders who need answers should reach out to RJ Nicolosi. #DriveGrowth @NicolosiRJ
  • We have a process wherein it’s not just random advice that is given out of my playbook that I’ve been using for 30 years, but it’s constantly evolving, constantly pulling in. #DriveGrowth @NicolosiRJ
  • We’re learning from the clients we work with and from the other coaches to give the best advice. It’s through a scientifically based process. Hence, you’re getting the best of what we’ve got, when you need it most! #DriveGrowth @NicolosiRJ
  • I’ve worked with over 100 Inc. 5000 companies over the past decade. And I would say over 50% of those are Inc. 5000. Over 50% of them are Inc. 500. And through that, I’ve obtained some great fun experiences! #DriveGrowth @NicolosiRJ
  • We felt we’re all about value. We’re all about making sure that we have high-touch, customized, personalized value for each leader we work with, based on where they are in their journey and where their company is. #DriveGrowth @NicolosiRJ

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