Thought Leader Life 578: Guest Kim Boudraeu Smith



Step out and show up with your bold voice to increase business visibility. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Kim Boudreau Smith (, an advocate for women’s voices as speaking visibility coach, accomplished speaker, blogger, former radio host, and number one best-selling author. She is the inventor of the “hag in the attic” and also in the Top 12 Spirited Woman Pick List.

Kim is passionate in talking to people in a way that catches their attention, constantly looking for opportunities to share skills with audiences of badass women.  She created the “Her Bold Voice Speaks” program to help women be heard and speak publicly, step further into their bold voices to strengthen their confidence to be heard, to be seen, all of the time, no more holding back.

If you’re seeking to amplify your confidence and step into your bold voice, consider reaching out to Kim Bourdeau Smith by visiting her websites and

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Women struggling with their voices should reach out to Kim Boudreau Smith.
  • My role is to help you become more courageous as you step into your voice by speaking with more authenticity and vulnerability; to show up as a strong woman that you are. #NoHoldingBack
  • I have a curriculum of multiple levels of classes where I can support you and create a safe and sacred environment for you to show up and be an effective speaker. #NoHoldingBack
  • I can guide you how to go deeper and be more connected with yourself to be able to share your story to your target audience. Your bold voice will take you places as you present yourself on a professional and personal level. #NoHoldingBack
  • Speaking confidently is all about taking up space and knowing you deserve to be there. I can teach you how to engage a packed room of people or even just captivate a single person. #NoHoldingBack

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