Thought Leader Life 584: Guest Dr. Jane Goldner



Helping women manage their time, focus on their passion, their productivity and their performance. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Dr. Jane Goldner Ph.D. (, who is the President of The Goldner Group.  She is a professional speaker, author of “You can have YOUR all”, leadership and role integration coach.

Jane Goldner brings 40 years of internal and external corporate experience as well as advanced degrees in counseling, human resource development to coach and counsel high-potential and women leaders. A focus of her practice is to help women integrate their multiple roles and define leadership success for themselves.

If you’re a #Woman leader who is juggling and there’s a little bit too much that you’re juggling and you want a little bit of help, you should reach out to Dr. Jane Goldner Ph.D. by visiting her website at @TheGoldnerGroup

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • #Women Leaders who are juggling should reach out to Dr. Jane Goldner Ph.D by visiting her website at @TheGoldnerGroup
  • Most of these #Women are very overwhelmed juggling all their multiple roles and they try to be everything, to everybody because, by nature, women are nurturers and we typically don’t understand that no is a complete sentence. @TheGoldnerGroup
  • We take on a lot more than we can handle and we end up not being able to stand in our power because we’re so overwhelmed. #Women @TheGoldnerGroup
  • I deliver my real life experience, plus a proven process that helps #Women really understand how not to be everything to everybody. @TheGoldnerGroup
  • I have credibility on what I do because I lived it both professionally and personally. #Women @TheGoldnerGroup

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