Thought Leader Life 585: Guest Jory Fisher



Fulfill your divine calling in business with purpose, passion and faith. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Jory Fisher (, certified coach, trainer, and speaker, who also served as a founding faculty member of Liberty University School of Law and as its first Associate Dean for Career and Professional Development. She has enjoyed a diverse and purposeful career in government, law, education, and entrepreneurship.

Jory is passionate about helping women of faith build strong, successful businesses and lead joyful, meaningful lives. She has coached, trained, and inspired hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs since founding her business in 2008.

If you’re an entrepreneurial woman struggling with sales for whatever reason, consider reaching out to Jory Fisher by visiting her websites and

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Entrepreneurial women of faith who struggle with sales should reach out to Jory Fisher.
  • My role is to help you deepen your faith, grow your business, and expand your influence. #RiseUp @JoryFisher
  • Do you want to build a purposeful, profitable business? I can guide you in identifying your ideal clients, how to reach them, and how you can actually sell your products and services. #RiseUp @JoryFisher
  • I can mentor you in creating a joyful and meaningful life as you navigate your way through your entrepreneurial journey in faith, ready with actionable plans and practical know-hows that are personalized to you. #RiseUp
  • Are you eager to make a positive difference in the community? I can help you get connected with meaningful relationships through meaningful communication so you can fulfill your divine purpose in doing business. #RiseUp @JoryFisher

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