Thought Leader Life 599: Guest Laura Rubinstein



Being visible online by developing the strategies and services that get you to where you want to go. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Laura Rubinstein (, who is a social media marketing consultant, speaker, and trainer. She started as a young entrepreneur with a passion to help business owners skyrocket their bottom line using relationship marketing.

Using digital media and relationship-based marketing strategies, Laura grows your leads, customer base, and brand visibility. Her agency handles the strategy and implementation. She also trains, consults, speaks, and writes about social media as well as marketing. She applies solid marketing principles, business concepts, and the latest technology to build clientele and expand business.

If you’re feeling like you’re #Invisible online, you should reach out to Laura Rubinstein by visiting her website at or through

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Companies who feel #Invisible online should reach out to Laura Rubinstein by visiting her website at @CoachLaura.
  • We help companies who want more #Visibility online and are frustrated with their efforts because they tried what they thought was best. We help them stop wasting their time to develop strategy and services that get them to where they want. @CoachLaura
  • I can do all the marketing like any other firm, but what’s different is, it really becomes a partnership in terms of relationship. I fell in love with them, and that approach never fails. #Visibility @CoachLaura
  • I just get their mission and embody it in such a way that it’s like I’m completing their senses that they were never able to complete in their marketing. #Visibility l @CoachLaura
  • Having a second set of eyes really helps them resonate more with their market because what often happens is that they’re always thinking from their point of view versus their markets point of view. #Visibility @CoachLaura

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