Thought Leader Life 606: Guest Mary Foltz



Deliver a delightful experience with your customer service. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Mary Foltz (, the president and chief service strategist of Service Counts! She is a customer service performance coach who works with clients to create exceptional and delightful experiences.

Since the inception of her business Service Counts! in 2005, Mary Foltz has consulted to many clients across a myriad of industries including the expanse of service leadership, guest experience evaluations, team building, manager retreats and diverse training seminars and line-level activities.

If you’re running an organization but you don’t deliver positive customer experiences 100% of the time, then you should reach out to Mary Foltz by emailing her at or by connecting with her on

Here are several AHA messages from this episode:

  • Organizations that don’t deliver positive customer experiences should reach out to Mary Foltz. #CustomerService @ServiceCounts
  • There’s psychology about understanding who they’re serving and how they want to be served. So we create the experiences for them so they can go back into their role and understand and appreciate what it felt like. #CustomerService @ServiceCounts
  • It’s been 25 years of really researching, digging in deep, and discovering what makes the customer delighted. So it really has been eye-opening to me so that in turn, I can deliver that back to my clients. #CustomerService @ServiceCounts
  • I think everyone absolutely 110% deserves the very best experience. And we need to be afforded that opportunity. And so in turn, now when I work with my clients, I inculcate to them what they need to be delivering. #CustomerService @ServiceCounts
  • My greatest feedback is when people share about how my children behave. A teacher told me the other day that my son was the nicest student that she’s ever had in her entire 28 years of teaching. That’s affirming. #CustomerService @ServiceCounts

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