Thought Leader Life 608: Guest C. Lee Smith



Helping sales managers to improve the quality of their sales team. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert C. Lee Smith ( is the President/CEO of SalesFuel® – a multi-million-dollar company based in Columbus, Ohio that provides intelligence to fuel high-performing sales teams.

35% of sales managers say that it’s harder to hire good salespeople than it was a year ago.

The bigger problem is that it’s easy to hire bad ones. C. Lee Smith’s provides sales managers the tools to uncover whether a sales candidate is likely to be a sales producer or a sales impostor.

If you are a sales manager and you are uncertain or afraid to make bad hire, make sure to reach out to C. Lee Smith at or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • I’ve created this subscription-based SAAS platform that uses scientific talent analytics to help sales managers hire smarter.
  • I’ve been managing sales teams for about 35 years now and I’ve been providing sales intelligence to some of the largest marketing and media companies in the United States.
  • I was recognized by Selling Power Magazine as one of the leading sales consultants, particularly in the area of sales coaching.
  • SalesFuel® is one of the top 10 providers of sales enablement solutions in the world for 2020.
  • I’m a certified behavior analyst so I really geek out over this stuff. I’m a Jeffrey Gitomer certified adviser and there’s a bunch of other things I do too.

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