Thought Leader Life 609: Guest Patrice Tanaka



Live your life’s purpose to create a joyful planet. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Patrice Tanaka (, the chief joy officer of Joyful Planet LLC.  She is a public speaker, business and life purpose guru, advocate of girls and women’s leadership, author, and serial entrepreneur.

As a pundit in business and life strategies, Patrice Tanaka conducts one-on-one consulting, consulting to organizations, group workshops, and speaking engagements.

If you recognize the essence of living your purpose, it is best to reach out to Patrice Tanaka by e-mailing her at and by visiting her LinkedIn profile on

Here are several AHA messages from this episode:

  • Organizations and individuals not living their purpose should reach out to Patrice Tanaka. #JoyfulPlanet @SambaGal
  • I help individuals discover and actively live their purpose to unleash their full potential and greater success and fulfillment and joy in their personal lives, in their workplaces and in their communities. #JoyfulPlanet @SambaGal
  • I do workshops helping groups of people ranging from college students to employees and professionals to discover and articulate their life purpose so they can actively live it. #JoyfulPlanet @SambaGal
  • The lessons I learned from ballroom dancing helped me to partner with others and co-found two successively larger PR and marketing firms. In fact, the last one is one of the top 10 largest independent PR firms in the country! #JoyfulPlanet @SambaGal
  • I believe that if more of our 7.7 billion people on the planet are leveraging their talents, their expertise and their passion in service of other people and our planet, we can create a more #JoyfulPlanet. @SambaGal

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