Thought Leader Life 612: Guest Dave Roby



Build high performance teams and get away from status quo in your family business. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Dave Roby (, certified international family business coach, entrepreneurial mentor, top producing sales manager, speaker, board member, and founder and CEO of Broadway One, Inc. He is a confident, dynamic leader with the ability to spot market share opportunities, always with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Dave has successfully managed multi-million dollar retail stores to top performance in company ranking for revenue, profit margins, accessories, services, and more. He has also coached and trained hundreds of business professionals and entrepreneurs over the years.

If you or anyone you know have a family-owned business facing family and people issues, consider reaching out to Dave Roby by visiting his website and sending an email to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Family-owned businesses with people issues should reach out to Dave Roby.
  • I can serve your business in leadership development, turnarounds, family succession, mergers and acquisitions, and finance. I can show you how to celebrate wins to avoid having bored personnel and only create a #HighPerformanceTeam.
  • My role is to provide you with guidance and direction to individuals in your family-owned business to the entire company to form #HighPerformanceTeams (HPT).
  • I can help assess the people in your business to see if they’re in the right seats. In some instances, after presenting to your leadership team, I can recommend people to a position of success, as needed. #HighPerformanceTeam
  • My step by step approach in teaching puts the interests of your organization in priority to generate long term enhancements in the entire team’s performance reflected in the success of your business, as opposed to just being a board coach. #HighPerformanceTeam

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