Thought Leader Life 616: Guest John Bates



Bringing out what is awesome inside every C-suite executive leaders. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert John Bates (, who brings powerful executive presence, storytelling influence and Jedi-like persuasion skills to top teams world leaders entrepreneurs scientist and those in the light side of the force.

John is a leadership communication expert whose large & small group trainings, keynotes & executive level leadership, presentation, speaker coaching and media training for Fortune 100 companies are world renown.

If you’re a C-suite executive and you’re really good at what you do, but what you do doesn’t necessarily encompass the soft side of the world and you’ve been given the opportunity to get in front of our group, and you need to speak, you’re going to want to talk to John Bates. Connect with him through or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Leaders come to me because they’ve got something and they need to do a TEDtalk, but don’t know how to best present themselves.
  • I give C-suite executive leaders the soft skills they need to be more effective with people and I do that with large and small group training.
  • I’ve been the official speaker coach for at least 35 or 40 TEDx events. A lot of people have gone through my process of getting to that one idea we’re spreading that they have.
  • I do a lot of free content purposefully because I don’t think people’s worth to the world is always matched by their economic worth, and I think we need all voices.
  • I also do a lot of pro bono work with TEDx events and I work with people in emerging countries who can’t necessarily afford pitch goats but have a great idea that they want to go get funded.

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