Thought Leader Life 621: Guest Rene Johnson



Lead from your power zone and not from your comfort zone. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Rene Johnson (, an elite authority in personal power dynamics, author, coach, keynote speaker, and CEO of Power Zone Coaching. She holds an ICF Certified Empowerment Coach degree from Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC).

Rene is passionate in partnering with purpose-driven business leaders, turning leadership into their greatest profit center, while having more joy in life. She is an instructor who can inspire audiences with energy, insight, and expertise to become positive and power-filled change agents.

If you’re a small to mid-sized company and you have “power leaks,” consider reaching out to Rene Johnson by visiting her websites and

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Small and mid-size leaders but are “power leaks” should reach out to Rene Johnson.
  • My role is to turn your leadership into your greatest profit center and the vehicle to live your best life. #LeadershipWhy @pzcoach
  • I can work with you in identifying and converting “power leaks” which are wasted time and resources that are wasting your and your team’s strengths and talents. #LeadershipWhy @pzcoach
  • I can teach you how to activate the “magic” in your power zone, where against the odds, you can accept your true calling to reveal your greatness. #LeadershipWhy
  • I can mentor you in uncovering the “why” behind your leadership approach to increase your influence and business results to make a significant difference in people’s lives. #LeadershipWhy @pzcoach

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