Thought Leader Life 623: Guest Mike Bosworth



Enabling couples to think about the choices that they make that impact their relationship and the impediments these choices create for their partner and their relationship. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Mike Bosworth ( who is a thought leader speaker, sales philosopher, entrepreneur, and author.

Mike does occasional keynotes as well as talks for professional associations, non-profit organizations, and higher education. He will be serving on the Advisory Board for the University of Minnesota Duluth’s new Selling Major.

If you’ve given up on relational happiness or you know somebody in your circle who has, you’re gonna want to reach out to Mike Bosworth at

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • I’m enabling or coaching couples that have given up on relational happiness to find their way back to each other especially during these hard times.
  • I used to do solution selling. We talked about people who have what we call late in pain or people have the pain that we think we’d like to be able to help them with.
  • I help couples who have given up on relational happiness, who are ignorant that there’s a better way, that there is a potential solution or that it’s even possible they’ve.
  • I help people experientially where each member of the couple work independently on experts on reading and exercises to have a meaningful discussion to get to the next level.

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