Thought Leader Life 669: Guest Erin Liman



Framing your problems and giving you the capabilities you need to solve strategic problems. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Erin Liman ( She is the Principal of Innovation Social, LLC. Erin helps leaders develop regenerative and resilient businesses and cultures.

Erin partners with innovation leaders and teams who are willing to do the challenging, rewarding work of transforming systems from “what is” to “what must be.” The journey requires new mindsets and capabilities in order to form a creative, results-driven team with the curiosity, grit, and resilience to design and implement a large-scale change.

If you’re a senior leader and you have a problem where there is no playbook answer to it, you should reach out to Erin Liman by visiting

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Senior leaders who need to #SolveStrategicProblems that have never been solved before should reach out to Erin Liman at
  • There’s an art to framing and solving #StrategicProblems. First, we need to deeply understand the problem itself to really understand the root cause. @liman
  • The second part to solving #StrategicProblems is getting employees fired up about the problem and ensuring they have the supporting structures and capabilities to experiment and learn what works to solve it. @liman
  • Senior leaders and teams who need to #SolveStrategicProblems can’t do what they’ve always done. It requires staffing teams differently to gain new perspectives on the problem and context, and solving it very differently. @liman
  • This work requires vulnerability and psychological safety. I’ve been a certified coach, product management and design leader for a very long time. I understand the problems and contexts and accelerate action. #SolveStrategicProblems @liman

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