Thought Leader Life 675: Guest Aaron Young



Getting business owners not to lose everything that they’ve worked so hard to build by giving them protection that they need to have. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Aaron Scott Young ( who is a Chairman Laughlin Associates, the Founder and creator of The Unshackled Owner Intensive. He is also an author, speaker and a media personality.

Aaron Scott Young is an American entrepreneur, businessman and internationally renowned speaker. As Chairman of the board of Laughlin Associates, he has worked with over 200,000 businesses across all industries in the market. His unique experience has given him a birds-eye view of the common successes and pitfalls that are seen universally in the entrepreneurial world. It is his mission to share his experience with the masses as an integral part of his legacy.

If you recognize as a small business that you don’t know that you need to have protection that you don’t even know you need to have, you need to reach out to Aaron Scott Young by visiting his website at or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Business owners #Don’tWantToLoseEverything that they’ve worked so hard to build should reach out to Aaron Young by visiting his website at or
  • When you become a little bit more successful or even if you are just starting out, the decisions you make at the beginning may dramatically impact the results you get. #Don’tWantToLoseEverything @aaronscottyoung
  • If you don’t understand and have you set up properly, you can miss out on a lot of tax benefits. You will end up spending or paying a lot more than you had because you didn’t know any better. #Don’tWantToLoseEverything @aaronscottyoung
  • I’m the third owner right over these 50 years and I knew, when I took the company, I wanted to make it better than the way I found it. #Don’tWantToLoseEverything @aaronscottyoung
  • Anything I can do at this point in my life to help people be more successful. I think this is the best way for me to have a ripple effect out into the world. #Don’tWantToLoseEverything @aaronscottyoung

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