Thought Leader Life 695: Guest Joe Lau



Live a quality balanced life with meaningful relationships, less work, and more income. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Joe Lau (, the founder of the Lau Global Enterprise.

Joe Lau is a full-time family man and part-time entrepreneur who has successfully run and sold companies for six to seven figures. A successful speaker and coach, he offers group and one-on-one training. He believes that you could still live the best life while maximizing your time with work and personal happiness. Hence, he is keenly committed to helping individuals live a full life balancing their career and personal life.

If you are an entrepreneur who lacks personal time but seeks to live life to the optimum, reach out to Joe Lau by visiting his site at or his LinkedIn page at

Here are several AHA messages from this episode:

  • Entrepreneurs without a personal life should reach out to Joe Lau. #BalancedLife
  • Through my group coaching and one-on-one coaching, they will acquire this skill to become an extremely productive machine, so that they can work through anything in life! #BalancedLife
  • Instead of not being able to spend time with my family, I now spend so much time with my family. My kids are actually sick of me. Today, I’m proud to tell people that I’m a full-time family man and part-time entrepreneur. #BalancedLife
  • I get this one-on-one interaction because I have to devise a framework that will work for everyone, but every person’s a little bit different. So I want to get as much interaction with them as possible. #BalancedLife
  • My biggest and proudest achievement is instead of working 50 to 60 hours a week, I’ve been working 25 hours a week for the past decade while putting up these businesses. #BalancedLife

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