Thought Leader Life 702: Guest Michael K. Redman



Build a business with profit, purpose and legacy. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Michael K. Redman (, co-founder of Half a Bubble Out. He co-founded an international e-commerce company in the pet industry that has grown 3x a year; he has taught a master’s class in marketing at Simpson University, and is formally educated in Instructional Design, a communications degree that combines educational theory with the use of multimedia to create effective training tools.

Michael is passionate in helping small businesses tell their story. He helps companies and leaders who want to create more clients and increase profits by strengthening their marketing share.

If you are a small business owner (or know someone who is) with tension, consider reaching out to Michael Redman by visiting his websites and

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Small business leaders experiencing tension should reach out to Michael K. Redman.
  • The place where business leaders struggle is the tension. I can help you use this tension to thrive in building a company that’s profitable and yet fulfilling. #ProfitPurposeLegacy
  • My role is to guide you in helping create more clients and increase profits by strengthening your business. #ProfitPurposeLegacy
  • I can teach you how to use traditional and online marketing, business coaching and leadership development to reach more clients and enjoy more profit and joy. #ProfitPurposeLegacy
  • With my counsel, I can help you build a business with a passion and provision strategy that makes an impact within and outside your organization. #ProfitPurposeLegacy

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