Thought Leader Life 741: Guest Valerie Sheppard




Manage self-awareness to create more happiness, success, and fulfillment. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Valerie Sheppard ( She is a self-mastery expert, a business strategist and a profit acceleration advisor. I help people create more happiness, success and fulfillment by mastering themselves in their lives. I especially love supporting Millennials and young adults ages 17-30.

Her focus is on heart-centeredness, and her tools are rooted in Universal Spiritual Wisdom, metaphysics, and mysticism, and she’s also been trained and/or certified in spiritual direction, archetype coaching, compassionate communication, and Heart-Math. On a national and international level. She delivers keynote addresses, facilitates workshops, and leads multi-day retreats. She especially loves working with young adults between the ages of 17-25, and she wants that to include emancipated foster youth, so they can move through life with more courage and confidence.

If you feel like you have many hollow victories and want to be different, consider reaching out to Valerie Sheppard by visiting her websites and https://www.linkedin.coom/in/valeriesheppard/.

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

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