Thought Leader Life 745: Guest Dr. Miluna Fausch




Let your inner voice be heard by caring enough to speak your very best. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Dr. Miluna Fausch (, the founder and president of Pitch Perfect Executive Speaking LLC.

Dr. Miluna Fausch is an executive coach, verbal success strategist, leadership development pundit, and specialist in enlightened communication. She supports conscientious leaders whose inner voice is not expressed externally. An experienced speaker, businesswoman, and actor, she has been characterized as a fusion of acumen, consciousness, sassiness, elegance, and femininity.

If you’re a conscientious leader, but your inner voice is not being expressed externally, it is best to reach out to Dr. Miluna Fausch by visiting her website at or her LinkedIn profile at

Here are several AHA messages from this episode:

  • Conscientious leaders whose #InnerVoice is not expressed externally should reach out to Dr. Miluna Fausch. @DrMiluna
  • I show my credibility by actively listening and using their own language. I celebrate and hold their dreams and goals with them. And then, if I can help, I clearly tell them so. #InnerVoice @DrMiluna
  • I used to have stage fright. I didn’t want to show up as I was afraid to be seen and heard. But throughout my journey, as I worked with folks over the years, I was able to cure it and turn around my career and my life! #InnerVoice @DrMiluna
  • I have this penchant for working one-to-one with clients because it is transformational. Sometimes it’s small groups, but those one-to-ones, it’s in the moment. It’s leveling up; it’s upgrading their communication! #InnerVoice @DrMiluna
  • I have predilection towards personalized communication with my clients as it’s enlightening. It’s true to who they are, and they begin to show up and speak. And when you care enough to speak, they present the very best! #InnerVoice @DrMiluna

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