Thought Leader Life 759: Guest Chris Ward




Make strategies work to achieve exceptional results. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Chris Ward (, strategic planning consultant, workshop facilitator, business strategist, and co-founder and principal at Strategic Directions, a leader in facilitated strategic planning. He has also been a senior marketing consultant with a national management consulting firm and the VP of sales and marketing for a successful home center operation, among others.

Chris has been helping clients achieve the future that they want to own. His eclectic background enables him to guide clients through a rigorous, strategic planning process while providing advice based on deep business experience.

If your executive team is executing a brilliant but not necessarily correct strategy, reach out to Chris Ward by visiting his website,, and LinkedIn profile,

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

    • Executive teams executing a brilliant but wrong strategy should reach out to Chris Ward.
    • Most businesses have moments of brilliance, from new use of products to new processes. I can show you how to string these moments together to produce truly exceptional results. #StrategicDirections
    • I can counsel you to really focus a leadership team on building a plan that maps out a path to a future that you truly want to own. #StrategicDirections
    • Do you find yourself throwing too much time and money at brilliant but wrong strategies? I can help you balance ongoing operations and strategic priorities. #StrategicDirections
    • I can guide you in managing and facilitating an end-to-end strategic planning process to effectively link operations with #StrategicDirections.

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