Thought Leader Life March ’15: Co-host Jim Canfield

Our co-host for the month of March was Jim Canfield (@jimcanfield).


Jim Canfield

In this episode, Mitchell Levy interviews #ThoughtLeader Jim Canfield, CEO of Renaissance Executive Forums. Jim, who is Mitchell’s #TLL co-host for the month of March, has reached out to thousands of top executives to help them become better leaders of their company by providing a venue where they can share ideas and perspectives with other top executives. The Renaissance Executive Forums currently has over 2,000 members internationally, and after 10 years, it continues to help companies become successful.Jim notes that Executive Forums may seem to tackle various issues, but really there are only five that are discussed repeatedly in different ways: people, process, performance, personal leadership, and planning. Having a forum to discuss these five Ps, getting different ideas and perspectives about them, is the major reason why executives become active in the forum and stick with the group for an average of five years.

Being a part of an executive forum allows executives not only to share and learn new things, but also to achieve personal growth. According to Jim, through feedback and accountability, group members strive to meet what they promised to achieve. The group holds each other accountable, and thus becomes what Mitchell calls an “ad hoc board.” Executives become better leaders because they see other people do the exact opposite of what they thought was the best way to do things. They realize that it is possible to get good results by doing things differently.
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• It only works when you actually try it. @jimcanfield #TLL
• It’s amazing how what might be routine in one org has never been tried in another, but works just the same.@happyabout #TLL
• The forums lead you to being accountable for long-term decisions that need to be made in your org. @jimcanfield #TLL


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