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As Thought Leader Life #TLL treads into a new and exciting year, it also starts fresh with a new format in which the conversations circle around different topics and a co-host helps Mitchell Levy steer the discussion for each month. For January 2015, we had four episodes that fearlessly examined the transforming world of corporations and how the way we work has radically changed in the digital age. The episodes also share relevant insights about employee empowerment, leadership, and breaking away from current HR practices. Enriching these discussions was Kelley Steven-Waiss (@ExtremeKelley) as Mitchell’s co-host for the month. Kelley is the Senior Vice President for Human Resources at Extreme Networks.


In the discussion with guests JP Laqueur (@JPLaqueur) and Sally Thornton (@ForshayTalent), we get a deeper understanding about the future of work and talent, and how companies can better enable themselves to develop a workforce of brand advocates who align their work with their own personal mission and purpose. We also learn why holacracy is something that companies should be thinking about, as it forces us to rethink how people relate to each other within the organization.

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Michael Grove

Guest Michael Grove (@CollabWorks) brings us a step ahead of work optimization with his “Work as a Service (WaaS)” concept. Companies should have a stimulation to create true leadership, where people have an opportunity to come forward with an idea that can improve customer experience. In the future, work will be more open and transparent in terms of management, which should no longer be looked at in a structured way, but as a process. Michael then calls the attention of executives and corporations with a compelling prediction that the next five years will be a huge early adaptor’s game, emphasizing that companies need to make that change in paradigm now, not in the future.

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Ayelet Baron

Futurist Ayelet Baron (@AyeletB) echoes Michael’s prediction, and adds that we need to stop using antiquated management practices that may have worked in the 19th and 20th century, but are definitely no longer attuned to the 21st century. We are encouraged by Ayelet’s optimistic view that today is the most exciting time ever in history because the world is now open and connected. What we need is a shared purpose, and if we have more leaders who do things that really matter, the world will be a better place to live in. Ayelet believes we will see this brand of leadership from Generation Z, who will build a human-to-human society of the future.

The blog with embedded audio and video:
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Bilal Jaffery

Digital executive Bilal Jaffery (@BilalJaffery) focuses on the impact of digital media in the way people work and behave. Interestingly, he asserts that among the ingredients for the creation of a culture that empowers employees, technology is considered the last portion, only second to trust and continued dialogue. Bilal gives this sound advice to employees, as well as executives who “get it”: think about your digital footprint, because you will ultimately be evaluated not on your resume, but on your authenticity, honesty, and the way you behave inside and outside the company. On the other hand, Kelley, self-labeling herself as a senior disruptor, rallies employees, executives, and those in the HR to “disrupt ourselves” and do things differently. The best thing is to step out of the proverbial box and change the way things are done.

The blog with embedded audio and video:
Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaewZa0fvWM
Listen: http://traffic.libsyn.com/fir/FIRThoughtLeaderMM-058-1.mp3

The four episodes have been both inspirational and rousing. As Kelley puts it: “It’s an exciting time to be talking about work and the future of work.”

Join us again in the next episode of #TLL, where we will have Lori Ruff as co-host.

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