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Thought Leader Life 188: Guest Michael Lee



Survive and thrive in the workplace through understanding diversity. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Michael Lee (, president of EthnoConnect, a company that provides seminars, training, consulting, and coaching on how to sell more products and services to the multicultural market in America.

Michael is a marketing guru who is the leading expert in selling to people from diverse cultures. He is dedicated to helping executives and men of all levels survive and thrive in this new world of diversity in the workplace.

To learn more about Michael, go to To get in touch with him, visit

Here are a couple of AHAmessages from this episode:

  • The pain point of executives and men at all levels is not knowing how to interact appropriately with women in the workplace. #Diversity @MichaelLee
  • The right behavior can help executives and men at all levels feel comfortable interacting with women in the workplace. How do you interact with female colleagues? #Diversity @MichaelLee
  • An expert in #Diversity can help executives and men at all levels understand appropriate behavior toward women. Consider learning from one who can guide you!
  • Executives and men of all levels can benefit from being sensitive to other people, including minorities and women. How sensitive are you toward #Diversity? @MichaelLee
  • Executives and men at all levels can survive and thrive in the modern world of #Diversity when they adjust their frame of mind toward women in the workplace. How can you thrive in your workplace? @MichaelLee

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