Mike Agron CEO of Webattract on Thought Leader Life 010

by Michael J Procopio

Mike Agron, thought leaderMike Agron, Executive Webinar Producer and Co-Founder for WebAttract, an entrepreneur, speaker, thought leader, and APEX award-winning author was our guest on episode 10.

WebAttract is a professional services organization of B2B webinar experts, helping sales and marketing professionals excel at using webinars for demand creation to convert more prospects into customers.

As an Executive Webinar Producer he’s produced and moderated informational webinars for global industry brands such as Citrix, Dex One, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Underwriters Laboratories as well as many emerging B2B and SMB firms.

He is a sought after speaker, and when he’s not producing webinars Mike is an avid road cyclist. Follow Mike on Twitter @WebinarReady. You can also download his free APEX award-winning eBook, WebinarReady: a Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting Successful Webinars, as well as The Five Things You Need To Know About Webinar Audio.

– More about Mike at at: http://www.webattract.com/pages/production_team.shtml#sthash.iq9wmgP8.dpuf.

Webinars have been a highly effective platform for both emerging companies and global companies to engage future advocates and advocates as it opens opportunities to inspire attendees take the next step, which is to actually have a conversation and avail of a service or product.

In this discussion, we learn that putting together a webinar is not as simple as many would think, as Mitchell, who recently collaborated with Mike on WebAttract to organize a Webinar (http://www.mitchelllevy.com/blog/thought-leadership-webinar-part-1/), describes it as something similar to planning a wedding. Mike explains that the whole planning process for a webinar requires time because, like a wedding, it is a major life-cycle event and, in many ways, your brand is on parade. You must understand what’s the message, what’s the value, who is the audience, what will they get out of it, how will you find that audience, and finally, when that audience shows up, that your speakers are confident to deliver what’s important for that audience and not make a sales pitch. This usually requires a lot of collaboration because unlike a live, in-person event when you see the audience and get an instant feedback through their reactions or facial expressions, in a webinar, you need to connect and have that confidence to inspire. So what WebAttract is doing is playing the role of a wedding planner who knows the methodologies, best practices and metrics towards maximizing the commercial outcomes and delighting the audience before, during and after the webinar.

Taking off from Mike’s definition of a thought leader, Michael wanted to know what the unique things to thought leaders doing webinars are. A webinar focused on thought leadership (versus lead generation) is organized purposely to inform and educate, and it cannot come across as a sales pitch. Thought leaders are someone who can talk about general industry perspectives, trends, opportunities and challenges. The more third party expertise you can have as part of the Webinar away from not being part of the sponsor, the more credibility you have to connect with the audience. And the best source for that is a thought leader.

The discussion also touches on some interesting ways to engage the webinar audience. Mitchell tells about how they used polling during their webinar and how it helped them determine how well they did in getting the message across. According to Mike, polling measures engagement and opens opportunity for the audience to join the conversation. You can do a first poll at the beginning of the webinar to break the ice, and then do another poll before you end, to gauge well you did.

To learn more about thought leadership and how it can help you be successful, why don’t you subscribe to the channel http://youtube.com/user/thoughtleaderlife

Here is a couple aha moments from the episode. See more in the upcoming book (http://www.thinkaha.com/thinkaha-app-books/).

  • Two factors for a great Webinar: a demonstrable business outcome and a passionate thought leader. @WebinarReady
  • The invitation becomes the framework on which we create the flow of the Webinar. @WebinarReady
  • The market is the ultimate arbiter. @WebinarReady


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