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Vanessa DiMauro thought leaderby Michael J Procopio

Vanessa DiMauro (@vdimauro) is a community builder and researcher whose work focuses on the role learning and decision-making play in online environments. DiMauro started her career at TERC under the auspices of a National Science Foundation grant to study the ways in which professionals share information in communities of practice online.

She has built online communities in business and education settings globally. One of her most successful communities was Cambridge Information Network, a division of Cambridge Technology Partners, one of the most influential consulting firms during the dot-com era.[1] She has authored numerous academic research and general articles on community building and frequently teaches about the creation and impact of social networks. Her work is often studied in university programs. Women in Technology International named her one of Boston’s Most Influential Women in Technology. She is also the CEO and Managing Partner of Leader Networks a research and strategy consulting group focused on helping organizations build deeper B2B relationships with key stakeholders.

Vanessa talked about thought leadership, social business and introverts and extroverts in communities.

More about Vanessa at, her blog and LinkedIn

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