Activate Now thought leadersAs a fan (or guest), you can help activate and amplify the Thought Leader Life show via the following vehicles:

1) Subscribe to the YouTube, SlidesShare, or Podcast channels.

2) Follow Mitchell Levy @HappyAbout or @THiNKaha on Twitter.

3) Join the Gaggle at GaggleAMP and share messages about upcoming and recently produced shows as well as other thought leadership content that’s shared.

4) Join the Aha Amplifier and start sharing quotes from guests of our past shows as well as other curated thought leadership content.

5) Add a discussion to the posting of the show on YouTube, SlidesShare, or on the Thought Leadership Best Practices Group on LinkedIn.

6) Consider joining Mitchell Levy as a recognized thought leader on ThoughtLeader.CEO.

As a guest, you understand and agree that:

1) This is publicly available material.

2) We will use the content from the show in every possible current and future vehicle (see past shows) we can find with your attribution including but not limited to: YouTube, podcasts, blogs, and the Aha Amplifier which is used to share your content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+.

3) You will help advertise at minimum your show and hopefully the channel overall.

Show Example:
– YouTube:
– Press Release:
– Podcast:

Here is a 3 minute getting started guide for Google Hangouts on Air, please review prior to the show.

Here is a quick video for upcoming guests on Thought Leader Life to get a feel of what to expect:

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