Interesting CPoPs from Thought Leaders!

Thought Leader


Alex Melen

"Small businesses that are good in the physical world but suck online."

Avis Jones-DeWeever

"Business owners who are bad-ass at what they do and not enough people know they exist."

Betty Lochner

"Middle managers who realize they aren't really good bosses."

Bob Geller

"Tech companies who don't know how to tell their stories."

Cheryl Moses

"Coaches that don't stand out in a crowded marketplace."

Devin Johnson

"Salespeople spending more time on Lead Gen then in actual conversions."

Dilip Saraf

"Professionals who are unconsciously incompetent."

Howard Fox

"Individuals with personal and professional dreams who are struggling to achieve them."

Jack Monson

"Global Brands Having Trouble Marketing Locally."

Jake Jorgovan

"Ceos that are not seen as thought leaders."

Justin Lokitz

"Giant multinational companies that need to change or die."

Keri Jaehnig

"Business brands and public figures that know their social media sucks."

Marianne Roux

"Orgs and leaders who are struggling with the complexity and velocity of change."

Mikki Williams

"Executives who think they can speak when they're really just talking."

Matthew McGregor

"Entrepreneurs struggling with sales and marketing technology."

Norman Wolfe

"Org leaders that have difficulty executing effectively."

Pam Hurley

"People who don't write well."

Patrick Reilly

"Leaders that are uncoachable."

Patty Farmer

"Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and speakers stuggling to attract their online clients."

Roger Dooley

"Orgs that have disloyal customers and disengaged employees."

Scott Messer

"Sales teams that are shattering the CEO's dreams."

Shel Horowitz

"Entrepreneurs wanting to make money while making the world better."

Steve Sapato

"People who have a message and no one is listening."

Susan Fennema

"Small business owners that need their life back."

Wendy Marx

"People that are over 50 and feel irrelevant."