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Thought Leader Life 035: Guest Janet Fouts

Janet Fouts thought leaderJanet Fouts (@jfouts) is a social media coach. trainer, blogger author and speaker. Her clients range from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.

As a speaker/trainer she provides actionable advice on how to make social media work for business quickly and help identify the tools, strategies and tactics you need to use social media effectively and efficiently.

She speaks on social media and online marketing strategy around the world as well as conducts webinars about social media tools and strategy, workshops and boardroom training sessions for companies wanting to get their team up to speed and working efficiently with social media.

Recent conferences include American Express Travel, DevLearn, Non Profit Technology Conference, Silicon Valley Business Week, Social Media Boot Camp, SDForum, OMMA Social, UC Hastings School of the Law. and several others.

She is the author four books and working on another. Here last book is Social Media Success, HappyAbout press.

In this episode, Mitchell and Michael hang out with #ThoughtLeader Janet Fouts. Author of four books and a recognized expert in social media engagement, Janet talks about the rights tools and attitude for a successful engagement on social media platforms and shares interesting insights about mindful social business, thoughtful conversations and more. She is excited to be on #TLL because she considers it a channel for real conversations. The show is not an interview with a script but is something that has real one-on-one conversations which Janet says is important if you want to achieve your goals in using social media.

Janet defines a #ThoughtLeader as someone who people actually listen to and someone who cares about the people who follow them and engages with them. The #ThoughtLeadershipFunnel ( is a useful concept that should be followed by people who want to understand #ThoughtLeadership and become a #ThoughtLeader. Janet says companies should understand that social media engagement is not something you can buy in a box, unpack it and then automate your way out of it. People who engage on social media must do so in a thoughtful way and engage back, rather than just spew out sales talk. Automation can be acceptable if it is thoughtful automation. For busy CEOs, Mitchell suggests the AhaAmplifier ( as a great tool for easy, two-minute engagement. Creating relationships and nurturing them is possible on social media, and businesses should be able to understand this. Janet considers social selling a really important skill that a sales person should have, including knowing how to find out about people. It’s true that social actually makes life so much easier and that starting mindful conversations on social can be beneficial for everybody.

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Here are a couple of aha moments from the episode. See more in the “Aha Moments from Thought Leader Life” books available in the THiNKaha App:

  • Social media engagement is not something you can buy in a box, unpack it & then automate your way out of it. @jfouts
  •  Social media is all about building affinity. @jfouts
  • Being generous is one of the qualities of a #ThoughtLeader. @happyabout
  • People want to hit the easy button, so make it easy for them & give the best info upfront. @jfouts


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