Thought Leader Life 073: Guest Joel Comm

Our co-host for the month of May is Martin Jones (@martinjonesaz) and one of our guests for May was Joel Comm (@joelcomm).


Joel Comm

In this episode, Mitchell and his co-host for the month of May, Martin Jones, share interesting insights with #ThoughtLeader Joel Comm ( about ways for small businesses to find their space and become successful. Martin points out that many changes in communication technology are occuring, which small businesses can take advantage of. People today are so much more connected, and there are many opportunities to locally and globally reach out and share your message. Joel notes that it’s amazing how small the world has really become and how fast someone’s message can reach the other side of the world. So the real question is not about whether you are affected by these technological changes, but about what is possible. For Joel, there’s so many sandboxes to play in, and you just have to demolish the box that you should be thinking out of, climb over the brick wall hindering you, and #DoGoodStuff.

Joel also shares some key points to achieving success, including how to make full use of social media to “build your tribe” and move towards “a thousand raving fans.” He and Martin agrees that businesses not engaging on social media are missing on many opportunities. Mitchell adds that it’s good to take some risks, experiment, and have your own petri-dish or shark tank to work in until you find what works best for you and your business. What’s important is to be honest, sincere, and emphatic about serving, rather than selling to, your customers. Joel reflects on how he started 20 years ago from being someone who nobody knew to someone who is now sought after by many people trying to pitch ideas and projects to him. Still, his personal philosophy is #DoGoodStuff, which he says actually resonates with people, making them more inclined to do good. He believes that when you are doing good stuff, good stuff comes back to you. Finally, towards the end of the show, Joel shares a long-kept secret about his childhood that no one knows anything about.

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• It’s amazing that for small businesses, the horizon is so much broader now for what’s possible. @joelcomm #TLL
• Technology & communication have changed to make multiple orgs do multiple things & this has become so pervasive. @happyabout #TLL
• As long as what you’re putting out there is of value, and that you #DoGoodStuff, good stuff will come back to you. @joelcomm #TLL
• To be successful nowadays, we need our brand to go local & act more like small businesses. @martinjonesaz #TLL


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