Thought Leader Life 087: Guest Liz Miller

Our co-host for the month of August is Paula Chiocchi (@outwardmediainc) and one of our guests was Liz Miller (@lizkmiller).


Liz Miller

In this episode, Mitchell Levy and co-host for the month, Paula Chiocchi,Founder and B2B Email Marketing Diva at Outward Media, Inc., or OMI ( hold an insightful conversation with #ThoughtLeader Liz Miller, SVP Marketing at CMO Council ( As an expert marketer , Liz attests to the effectiveness of email marketing in drawing successful customer engagement that lead to high conversion rates. At CMO Council, Liz notes that they are still investing in emails, citing a poll they conduct annually that continually states that marketers consider email as their top channel to deliver results. Email is not dead. People still want to be engaged in this form of two-way conversation. Note the phrase two-way conversation. The problem is that marketers tend to look at email as a forcible push channel rather than a way to optimize the customer journey that ends in commerce.

Liz relates how their team made the difficult transition where instead of looking at the channel of email, they started looking at the content of email; from email as a wedge into understanding it as part of a life cycle. We started looking at channels using a new lens. Rather that have that “email conversation”, have that “content conversation.” This is a great conversation that is worth listening to or watching.

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• When we say email is dead, that’s just us “marketers” saying it, that’s not what our customers are saying. @LizKMiller #TLL
• We need to understand who the customer is and what they want. Email is a great way to reach them. @outwardmediainc #TLL
• Let’s talk about business first, see what we are trying to solve. @happyabout #TLL
• The question is not: is email effective? It should be: Am I delivering the right content through this channel? @LizKMiller #TLL


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