Thought Leader Life 088: Guest Brian Carroll

Our co-host for the month of August is Paula Chiocchi (@outwardmediainc) and one of our guests was Brian Carroll (@brianjcarroll).


Brian Carroll

In this episode, Mitchell Levy and his co-host for the month, Paula Chiocchi, founder and B2B Email Marketing Diva at Outward Media, Inc., or OMI (, exchange insights with Brian Carroll, Chief Evangelist and Executive Director at MECLABS Sciences Group (, on how to understand email marketing as a profitable channel. In saying that email is the most profitable channel in terms of revenue according to many brands, Brian says that it’s because email was used as a way to nurture people and relationships. He believes marketers should spend less time thinking about company logic and more time on customer logic, to understand how their customers are thinking. When customers have a series of questions where they get a “micro yes,” how do you help them move to the ultimate yes? In nurturing through email, this means there’s continuous relevant communication with viable potential customers, regardless of the time to buy. Email is about supporting a dialogue. The marketer’s job is to move out of the psychology of, “How do I get this person to buy?” to, “How can I answer this person’s questions so they can move to that point of yes?”

Brian reiterates that testing and segmentation are important in email marketing. They have tested more than 1 billion emails and have successfully understood how messaging can be done throughout the customer’s journey. He also mentioned the Email Marketing Benchmark Reports that come out every year as valuable references. Finally, Brian maintains that email is very much alive and urges marketers to look at it in terms of how it can support engagement and conversation among human beings.

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• Every email you send is an opportunity to gain relevancy. @brianjcarroll #TLL
• In email marketing, test, test, and test again. @outwardmediainc #TLL
• It’s important to integrate email into the customer’s journey. @happyabout #TLL


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