Mitchell Levy

Thought Leader Life 115: Mitchell Levy

Mitchell Levy

In this episode, Mitchell Levy, Chief Instigator of AHAs at the AHAthat (, shared some points on What-Where-When-Why-Who-and-How to write an AHAbook in as fast as 20 minutes to 10hours. It is a direct to the point discussion to quickly establish your expertise in writing them. He stated that if you want to have many readers, the first thing that you have to consider is the “headline of your topic” which you have to make sure that you have captured your reader’s attention in seven seconds or less.

AHAmessages are composed of 140 twitter-sized quotes which are easy to share like the usual quotes that you post in social media specifically Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the like. But the difference of AHAmessages from these quotes is that, #AHAleaders use AHAmessages to give an answer or solution to their customer’s problems; AHAmessage is a quote which gives wisdom to its readers, not just to inspire but also to help.

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Here are a couple of AHAmessages from the episode. See more in the “Aha Moments from Thought Leader Life” eBooks available in the social media-enabled eBook platform, AHAthat:

• If you want to capture the reader’s attention today, you need to do it in seven seconds or less. Are you doing that? @HappyAbout #TLL
• An AHAleader should be familiar with his peers and the marketplace. Are you aware of your surroundings? @HappyAbout #TLL
• The quickest anyone has written an #AHAbook is @JoelComm who spent 20 minutes reviewing comments from his Facebook post. @HappyAbout #TLL
• You can make an AHAbook based on the notes you wrote from a seminar or conference in just two hours. @HappyAbout #TLL
• An AHAbook has 140 twitter-sized quotes which are easily shared on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & G+). @HappyAbout #TLL


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