Thought Leader Life 118: Guest Dr. Tianna Conte

Our guest for Episode #118 is Dr. Tianna Conte (@DrTianna).


Tianna Conte

In this episode, Mitchell Levy, Chief Instigator of AHAs at AHAthat:, conducts a no-holds-barred interview with the energetic and passionate Dr. Tianna Conte, a seasoned Self-Evolution Mentor. They open the interview with a very animated discussion on how aspiring writers take too much time before they write their first book. Dr. Conte gives thought-provoking insights on how to get started, even generously sharing topics would-be authors can use to crack the book publishing world —with special emphasis on self-branding. The conversation then zeroes in on how everybody can be an AHAleader, making a difference in their personal lives, as well as the lives of others,and how the AHAthat platform is a breakthrough, a new pathway that can help one accomplish this in the shortest time and the least cost possible.

Mitchell and Dr. Tianna also take us on a higher plane as to what an AHAbook really stands for. For Dr. Conte, an AHAbook is not merely a book nor a business card but a platform for a movement that can change the world. You will be both entertained and inspired by Dr. Conte’s spontaneity as she bursts from one AHA moment to another, talking about “Lovebytes” and “Tianna Tidbits.” Her enthusiasm and wisdom will strike you as she uncovers all the exciting possibilities of the AHAbook.

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Here are a couple of AHAmessages from the episode. See more in the “Aha Moments from Thought Leader Life” eBooks available in the social media-enabled eBook platform, AHAthat:

• For most people when they get around to writing their first book, the content has been in their heart and soul for years. @DrTianna
• Who are you? What is your unique gift that you can give to the planet that only you are uniquely qualified to give? @DrTianna
• The problem is first-time authors wait for years, decades, before writing a book. Sometimes, it’s too late. @HappyAbout
• AHAthat is so easy and painless, and it blesses people faster. Producing an AHAbook is fun. Bite-sized things, that’s fun. @DrTianna


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