Thought Leader Life 121: Guest Mark Fedeli

Our guest for Episode #121 is Mark Fedeli (@markfedeli).



In this episode, Mitchell Levy, Chief Instigator of AHAs at AHAthat:, and Kent Gustavson, founder and CEO of Blooming Twig Books, start off the month-long series on practical thought leadership with Mark Fedeli, Director for Strategy and Business Development of Innovative Decisions, Inc., a management consulting firm.

Mark gives a fresh perspective on thought leadership by underscoring the importance of resonance. His definition of resonance is when you are able to move people despite the distractions that surround them.

What’s exciting about this episode is that above and beyond defining concepts like thought leadership, they share practical tips on how to become one.The following questions are answered: As a thought leader, will you do everything yourself or involve other stakeholders? How do you present ideas to your audience? How do you handle objections? Will you engage in a public argument or settle privately?

They also introduce us to a breakthrough concept of a thought leadership system or a decision support system. Before, a company was dependent on its internal structure; now, external sources are given equal importance to make informed decisions.

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Here are a few AHAmessage from the episode. See more in the “Aha Moments from Thought Leader Life” eBooks available in the social media-enabled eBook platform, AHAthat:

• Practical thought leadership is about resonance. It’s moving people by planting a concept even if other voices are noisy. @markfedeli #TLL
• If you cannot make an idea resonate with somebody who does not have the same biases or domain expertise, it will fall short. @markfedeli #TLL
• A thought leader can’t be afraid to confront the status quo, to work with others, because that’s what’s sustainable in the end. @markfedeli
• Thought leaders helping other thought leaders enriches the whole process, so the concept jumps right off the page, looking effortless. @markfedeli


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