Thought Leader Life 147: Guest Al Cole

Our guest for Episode 147 is Al Cole (

Al Cole

In this episode, Mitchell Levy (, TEDx speaker and the AHA Guy at AHAthat (, and his co-host for the month, Lisa McDonald (, author, motivational speaker, and radio and TV show host, share views with Al Cole, a world-class speaker, author, singer, and CEO of People of Distinction Humanitarian Foundation.

Al Cole provides his ideas and perceptions about the two types of legacy in a person’s life. He believes that going back to the innocence of a child brings about genuine love and happiness that is tarnished by today’s current events. A legacy is unique for each individual, and giving love and respect to everybody is as important as the value of a person’s life. If you are facing trials in life, there is always hope to reinvent oneself and see the light in things.

Here are a couple of AHA messages from the episode. See more in the “AHA Moments from Thought Leader Life” eBooks available in the social media-enabled eBook platform, AHAthat:

  • There is one generic #Legacy that we share with everybody. That is the beautiful innocence of love and respect when we came into this world. #TLL
  • Reclaiming your inner child is paramount to grasping your inner self. It is when you are most curious and wondrous about life. #TLL
  • One does not have to be shrouded by doubt all the time. Our visualization of life filled with beautiful human energy can indeed become a gift to the present. #TLL
  • A home does not have to be a million-dollar home. It is where the heart is. #TLL
  • We can only spread genuine love when we first have respect for God and most importantly, ourselves. #TLL

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