Thought Leader Life 153: Co-host Ronan Leonard

Our co-host for the month is Ronan Leonard (

Ronan Leonard

In this episode, Mitchell Levy (, TEDx speaker and the AHA Guy at AHAthat (, introduces his co-host for the month, #ThoughtLeader Ronan Leonard (, an author, business mentor, speaker, and founder of the Return on Intellect and Eccountability, which helps overwhelmed and frustrated owners grow their businesses fast ( This month’s episodes will be interesting and motivating, as they will focus on the importance of creating a Mastermind group as a venue for learning and a tool for establishing credibility.

Ronan shares insights about how to run a mastermind group that promotes collaboration and respect for other people’s opinions. For him, being part of a mastermind group is a win-win situation, where every member is given the opportunity to learn new ideas and use these ideas to grow their businesses. He also believes that a person who doesn’t teach and doesn’t share their knowledge with other people is almost a nonexistent person. Four more stellar thought leaders will be speaking in the next episodes to share their valuable ideas on how to grow your business.

Here are a couple of AHA messages from the episode. See more in the “AHA Moments from Thought Leader Life” eBooks available in the social media-enabled eBook platform, AHAthat:

  • The collaboration of amazing people gathered in one heart produces a great #Mastermind. #TwoIsBetterThanOne
  • What are the fruits of a #Mastermind? 1) Greater ideas, 2) bigger business opportunities, and 3) the #LearningNeverStops.
  • What types of people participate in a #Mastermind? 1) People who are open and curious of other people’s opinions and 2) people who welcome feedback from their audience.
  • The reason some people fail in establishing their #Credibility is that they are not willing to share what they know. #Mastermind
  • It is only through #Collaboration with people who potentially have different ideas and solutions that a business may be able to keep up with technology and advances in any industry. #Mastermind

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