Thought Leader Life 160: Guest Brad Friedman

Harness the power of inbound and social media marketing safely and in compliance with the regulations of your industry. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Brad Friedman (, founder and president of The Friedman Group and the Amazon bestselling author of “The Social Business Owner’s Guide to Inbound Marketing” and “Brad Friedman on Digital Marketing.”

Brad helps business owners and professionals in regulated industries harness the power of inbound and social media marketing to create business and generate revenue. He understands the need to maintain a professional online presence while complying with various regulations. He also trains and assists his clients in engaging prospects and referrals through social networks. Brad is dedicated to using social media in a way that reflects his client’s professional image and personality.

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Here are a couple of AHAmessages from this episode:

  • The pain point of many business professionals is not knowing how to do inbound and #SocialMediaMarketing safely and in compliance with the regulations that govern their industry. @BradFriedman
  • Inbound and #SocialMediaMarketing are powerful ways to create business and generate revenue. Business professionals should consider getting an expert to help them harness these powers.
  • Are you working with an expert who knows your industry’s regulations? Knowledge of industry regulations can give a person the expertise to help business professionals harness the power of inbound and #SocialMediaMarketing safely.
  • Having a chatbot strategy can help business owners and professionals engage with their audience, develop relationships, and generate revenue. Are you utilizing chatbots to grow your business? @BradFriedman
  • Doing inbound and #SocialMediaMarketing can give someone the credibility to guide business professionals safely. Are you being guided by someone who practices what they teach? @BradFriedman

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