Thought Leader Life 162: Guest Lydia Sugarman

Conquer the overwhelming range of business tools with a simplified business solution. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Lydia Sugarman (, a pioneer in the Internet space who is bringing a uniquely qualified and sophisticated level of understanding of integrated social media marketing, online marketing, marketing automation, and Integrated Agile Marketing (TM). Lydia creates smart and integrated business and online marketing tools and techniques, enabling entrepreneurs to enjoy a seamless process for their business operations. Her experience in working with business executives and marketing strategists, as well as engaging with clients, has allowed her to develop in-depth knowledge in social media marketing, online marketing, and marketing automation.

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Here are a couple of AHAmessages from this episode:

  • The pain point of many entrepreneurs is getting overwhelmed in handling multiple business tools to effectively run their business. #Integration @LKSugarman
  • Having multiple #BusinessTools can make it difficult for entrepreneurs to efficiently manage their businesses. They should consider having all their tools in one place for seamless functionality. @LKSugarman
  • Integrating sales, marketing, customer success, and operations tools can help businesses increase their leads, accelerate sales, and simplify their processes. #Integration @LKSugarman
  • Many years of experience in #OnlineMarketing can give a person the credibility to create successful solutions that can help grow a business’s bottom line. Choose someone credible to help you with your business.
  • Growing your business may require great effort to make it run smoothly. Entrepreneurs should consider finding a simple-to-use #BusinessTool that can help ease the marketing and sales process for them. @LKSugarman

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