Thought Leader Life 180: Guest JV Crum III

Make your first or next million and create impact by changing your mindset, strategies and actions. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert JV Crum III (, founder and CEO of Conscious Millionaire Institute.

JV is a mindset and strategy expert who mentors entrepreneurs to grow highly profitable businesses that make a difference. He is also a best-selling author, keynote speaker, certified business coach, and the host of the number-one ranked “Conscious Millionaire Show” podcast with over 2,000 episodes and 12 million listeners in 190 countries. JV is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs on a mission achieve their first million by growing businesses that positively impact individuals and our world.

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Here are a couple of AHAmessages from this episode:

  • The pain point of entrepreneurs is not knowing which steps to take that will maximize both their impact and profits. #ConsciousMillionaires @JVCrum
  • Entrepreneurs who realize their potential can become #ConsciousMillionaires who build highly-profitable businesses that make a positive impact. How are you impacting your clients and our world? @JVCrum
  • Entrepreneurs can benefit from learning how to become #ConsciousMillionaires by creating a massive shift in their mindset and making a bigger impact. What is your current mindset about money? @JVCrum
  • Entrepreneurs can become #ConsciousMillionaires and make an impact through a heightened awareness of the profit-opportunities around them. What profit-opportunities are around you? @JVCrum
  • A self-made #Millionaire Coach can accelerate the time for entrepreneurs to get to their first million. Consider working with a millionaire coach who can teach you!

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