Thought Leader Life 185: Guest Lynn Hidy

Increase your telesales by building new skill sets through training and coaching. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Lynn Hidy (, founder of UpYourTeleSales LLC.

Lynn helps inside salespeople and managers increase their telesales and advance their careers by building new skill sets through training and behavioral reinforcement coaching. When working with inside salespeople, their joint efforts typically produce a 19% increase in telesales in six months, without counting improvements like reducing stress and meeting personal goals. Lynn helps them find ways to move from good to fantastic!

To learn more about Lynn, go to To get in touch with her, visit

Here are a couple of AHAmessages from this episode:

  • The pain point of inside salespeople is not knowing how to hit their numbers and increase their #TeleSales. @UpYourTelesales
  • #IncreasingYourTeleSales can come from understanding the buying habits of customers. What are the buying habits of your customers? @UpYourTelesales
  • An expert in telesales can help inside salespeople learn how to hit their numbers and have fun while learning. Consider learning from one who can help you #IncreaseYourTeleSales!
  • Inside salespeople can #IncreaseTheirTeleSales by addressing the problems of their customers. What solutions do you have for your customers? @UpYourTelesales
  • Authenticity in supporting customers can help inside salespeople #IncreaseTheirTeleSales. How do you support your customers? @UpYourTelesales

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