Thought Leader Life 190: Guest Ryan Foland



Simplify your message through the 3-1-3 Method® to create a greater impact. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Ryan Foland (, who helps executives, leaders, and salespeople simplify their written and spoken messages so they can communicate their brand in a way that people actually understand.

Ryan helps his clients narrow down their core message from a long and hard-to-digest description into three sentences, then down to one sentence, and finally into just three words. Through this 3-1-3® Method, he helps executives, leaders, and salespersons avoid the familiar situation of talking themselves out of a sale, a deal, or just about any goal every time they say the wrong stuff in the wrong order.

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Here are a couple of AHAmessages from this episode:

  • The pain point of executives, leaders, and salespeople is that they struggle to explain what they do in a concise way and they talk themselves out of what they really want. #SimplifyYourMessage.
  • When you learn how to #SimplifyYourMessage into three words, you can become a better communicator of your own brand. Are you simplifying your message?
  • If you know how to #SimplifyYourMessage, you can figure out the box to stay in when talking to your prospects. Once you have those borders in place, you say less and let people engage more.
  • Prospects don’t usually care about your story, but rather how they see themselves in your story. Consider learning how to portray your brand in a way that focuses on solving your prospects’ problems. #SimplifyYourMessage
  • Have you tried sharing your whole self, both the good and the bad, when communicating your brand? Being authentic can lead to better relationships with your clients. @RyanFoland

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