Thought Leader Life 220: Guest Kate Vitasek


Succeed in your business relationships through the Vested Way. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Kate Vitasek (, who has been the driving force behind the University of Tennessee’s pioneering research and development of the award-winning Vested® and Vested Outsourcing business model and movement.

Kate is a keynote speaker and executive trainer and coach in the art and science of developing strategic Vested partnerships that give organizations the power to deliver transformational results. She is passionate about helping companies structure their business relationships and make them successful.

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Here are a couple of AHAmessages from this episode:

  • The pain point of companies is not knowing how to structure their business relationships and make them successful. #VestedRelationships @VestedWay
  • Learning about #VestedRelationships with actual partners and contracts can help companies transform their business relationships into successful ones. How successful are your business relationships? @VestedWay
  • Agreeing on clearly defined and measurable outcomes can help companies ensure mutual success with their business partners. How do you define and measure your outcomes? #VestedRelationships @VestedWay
  • Companies and their business partners can benefit from working together to formulate their joint vision, which will guide them in their #VestedRelationship. What is your business vision? @VestedWay
  • An expert in #VestedRelationships can train companies to do business and build relationships that create value for them, their partner companies, and the world. Consider working with one who can guide you!

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