Thought Leader Life 232: Guest Beth Barany


Learn to write and plan your book’s journey from paper to publication through networking. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Beth Barany (, an award-winning novelist, master NLP practitioner, and a certified creativity coach for writers.

Beth teaches at conferences and runs Barany School of Fiction to help unleash the creativity of authors and help them become successful entrepreneurs in their writing career. She helps authors create long-lasting books that will have an impact in the world for many years.

To learn more about Beth Barany, go to To get in touch with her, visit and

Here are a couple of AHAmessages from this episode:

  • The pain point of many writers is that they yearn to write a book or a novel but have no idea how or where to begin.
  • Many writers can benefit from getting support and knowledge in an academic setting with professionals who can teach the whole process of writing, from planning to publishing. @Beth_Barany
  • Do you sometimes feel stuck writing and struggle with how to bring characters to life for your readers to enjoy? A professional writer who teaches intensive workshops can be a reliable coach for you. @Beth_Barany
  • Being a certified coach for writers can provide the credibility to help aspiring novelists and fiction writers reach their dreams of bringing their book to life. Consider getting an expert’s help to promote your book.
  • Marketing a book is part of the planning process, from the creative part to actual publication. Do you want to benefit from bouncing off ideas with fellow writers while growing your reach as an author? @Beth_Barany

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