Thought Leader Life 233: Guest Luni Libes


Accomplish the mission of your business with help from investors while creating an impact on the world. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Luni Libes (, a serial entrepreneur, educator, author, mentor, advisor, and investor.

Luni is the founder and managing director of Fledge, a conscious company accelerator that helps mission-driven companies earn profit and revenues while making an impact on the world.

He helps these entrepreneurs to connect them with investors and make them into even more investable and impactful companies.

To learn more about Luni Libes, go to To get in touch with him, visit and

Here are a couple of AHAmessages from this episode:

  • The pain point of many mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to grow and solve problems in the world is looking for funding.
  • Many businesses driven by their mission to alleviate poverty problems can benefit from getting support from experienced professionals to increase their odds of success. @Lunarmobiscuit
  • Do you have a startup company for finding answers to improve the lives of other people? Getting ideas and real-life lessons about operations and investing can help you help others. @Lunarmobiscuit
  • Being a company accelerator with many years of experience in entrepreneurship can give one the credibility to help impactful startup companies get the support and funding they need.
  • Receiving valuable funding, guidance, and mentorship from an entrepreneurial advisor can push more projects for mission-driven organizations. Are you connected with a reliable one? @Lunarmobiscuit

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